Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Hitchhiker

Ds wanted to make a hitchhiker (a letterbox that travels) to plant on our trip, so I made one with the theme of Snow. This stamp is really bad. Hope I will improve with carving practice.

My container is too large. I think you are supposed to fit the hitchhiker into another letterbox, which means they would be really tiny, but I didn't realize that until I had made this one and didn't have time to find more supplies. The other hitchhiker that I picked up is only slightly smaller than mine. So far, most of the boxes I've found have been in places that had room for another boxes (bases of trees, under rocks, similar locations), but I understand that many of them are hidden in tight spaces.

I added a crocheted mini snowflake as a first finders prize (along with one of ds's paper snowflakes he's so proud of). I'm not sure if Hitchhikers are supposed to have first finder prizes, but I included one anyway.

I also pulled out my embossing powders and markers from my scrapbooking supplies. Fun, fun. I haven't played with them in so long -- in fact the hair dryer that I use for rubber stamp embossing and shrink wrapping soaps was so gummy and disgusting, my hand was stuck to it when I finished using it. Ewww. . .

I think letterboxing appeals to me for several reasons. First, it satisfies my inner nerd/Nancy Drew tendencies, my arty/creative tendencies, and my outdoor/walking tedencies. Can't wait to plant this box over the weekend.



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