Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm Photographing Yarn Now

I've always thought taking pictures of your yarn was a little bit much -- who takes the time to do that? But this week, I was looking for some knitting needles and couldn't find them. I ended up buying a pair because the pair I already owned were so buried in my stash closet.

Ravelry is the coolest thing ever. It has a Stash page where you can enter a photo and the amount of yarn you have. That way you can match the number of skeins required to another pattern in their database or your Queue. You can mark the yarn for sell or trade to another Raveler. Just fantastic.

So I decided it was time to clean out and while I was at it I uploaded it all to Flickr and then Ravelry.

There really weren't a lot of surprises. I only have three or four lots of yarn that are large enough for a sweater or a big project. Most everything I have is in small hat/scarf amounts.

This Noro Silk Garden was going to be a Lady Eleanor (entrelac stole) but now I don't know. . .

I still haven't organized and photographed the sock yarn. I'm going to try to get it done today or over the weekend while I'm still enthused about it.

Things I learned this week:

Do not attempt to *get a jump on the day* by blogging or uploading flickr photos before the kids have left for school. You will forget to send them out to the bus and will end up driving them to school, which makes you *behind on the day.*

Always check to make sure your wallet is in your purse before you leave to go Christmas shopping. (See above *behind on the day.*)

One more thing: Lion Brand has some adorable free holiday amigurumi patterns in this week's newsletter.



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