Monday, November 26, 2007


I had fun making these guys. Patterns are free ones from Roxycraft. Amigurumi (Japanese for small stuffed doll) are kind of fiddly, but quick. The only frustrating thing was when I had rewound a ball of yarn (Caron Simply Soft) the wrong way, so that every time I stuck my hook in, it split. Next time I'll pay attention and REWIND it the other way right from the start.

This is Rory the Reindeer. The kids really liked him.

Thanksgiving was fun. We had dinner with the family and then did some touristy stuff.

I really wasn't good about using my camera on this trip. The battery ran down halfway through the afternoon.

I helped my brother track down fruitcake ingredients. We had to go to the Indian market for rosewater and then we couldn't find any mace at all. Do you think mace is just too old fashioned to be carried in the grocery store any more?

Dh painted dd's room while we were gone, so yesterday was a big muck out. I took 6 bags to Goodwill, and put 3 in the trash. It looks much nicer and I wish I took some before/after photos. The downside is that I'm going to be making curtains again. . .

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Blogger marit said...

The amigurumi's are so cute! Thanks for the link, and have a nice week:-)

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