Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sera Lace Top

Here's a sweater update. My LYS had a few more balls in their attic last week, so I had plenty of yarn. Here it is blocking:

I didn't stretch it a lot, but I was glad to see the lace pattern open up.

But not THAT much!

Thankfully, the design is crocheted from neckline down. All I have to do to adjust the length is rip out a few rows -- easy peasy. I'm going to fix the sleeves right away, but wait until I get the dress made to make decision on the length of the body. I was complaining about how this yarn was too springy and didn't drape, but all it took was a good blocking to completely change its character. I probably didn't need to buy much extra yarn either -- oh well.

Moonvine seed pods. The vine froze last week, but I'm harvesting the seed pods for next year.



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