Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Unoriginal Hat

We're having some cool weather, and my yarn finally came. I used the yarn called for in the Yarnharlot's free pattern, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia, colorway Froggin'. It's too small for me, but fits both the kids. I used size 10.5 (6.5mm) needles, because that was all I could find at JoAnn's yesterday. Also, I had very little yarn left and might have run out if I'd sized up. It was so fun to make, and I made it in an evening, shame no one will wear it. . .

So, ds has to make a diorama for a book report and he chose Peter Rabbit. This is Mr. McGregor's garden.

I have to resist my urge to fancy things up, it's supposed to be a 1st grade project, but I love working on things like this. See the little carrots and cabbages? I need to find a tiny rabbit today. It's killing me that I know we USED to have a tiny one from a Lego set that would have been perfect, but I'm sure it's long gone now. I searched the basement toy bins and can't find it. I will probably spend an entire day driving around to find a tiny bunny. . . Gah!

Here's batman, helper on the diorama. The cats are loving the afternoon sun in the dining room. I completely admire people who can take great pictures of their cats. Mine just won't sit still. . .

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Blogger Pat said...

Wow! I'm mentioned in your blog! Cool. Can I just say that your dress and shawl are beautiful! I was very impressed.

There's a blog you must check out: Little Purl of the Orient. Go there!

4:52 PM  

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