Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Blahs

We spent a day at the Tennessee Aquarium on Saturday. I really like it, compared say to the Georgia Aquarium, because it has a nice organized flow. They move you from exhibit to exhibit like rats in a maze.

We typically visit once a year and the kids love it. We watched a Dinosaur Imax 3D movie too.

School started yesterday, so I am enjoying my copious free time by running errands and cleaning (!). I want to do a major decluttering over the next few weeks, and yesterday I cleaned out the coat closet where the kids keep their shoes and backpacks, so I'm off to a decent start. Today, I'm going to Goodwill some plastic plates/cups the kids no longer use from one of the kitchen shelves.

I am feeling completely uninspired sewing/knitting/crochet wise. I'm working on a doily, but without much enthusiasm. I think a yarn stash cleanout is going to be just the thing for me. I know I have some great projects tucked away that I've forgotten about, and I'm tring to resist a trip to the store for something new when I have some good stuff already. . .

The air conditioning isn't working right around here, so my sewing space is an oven. I know I won't be able to get up there for a while. (We are probably going to have to relocate our air conditioning units ($$$) in order to get them to work properly again since we boxed them in during the remodel and they aren't getting good airflow.)

On the positive side, the new bathroom is coming together and looking gorgeous. I need to take a few pics to post, but I can't decide whether to wait until it's all done or not.


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