Saturday, July 21, 2007

Granny Blanket

I finished it up this week. I'm not sure how much yarn it took, I think about 25-30 balls of Sugar N Creme in Jute, 4 or 5 balls of light teal, and 4 or 5 balls of warm brown. I used 3 balls of Lion Brand Cotton, which is the variegated yarn. The Lion Brand is much softer and better quality, but when I was putting it together I decided I didn't like how it looked in the blanket. I was just too tired to crochet any more squares though, so I put those in anyway. The pattern is a plain 6-row granny, and I sewed it together by hand with yarn, which was tedious, but I watched a bunch of movies to make the time go by. I used an H hook for all of it and did two rows of single crochet as a border.

I slept under it last night and it's the perfect weight for a summer blanket. I love how it came out.

I'm going out of town tomorrow for a week, with no computer access. Have a great week!



Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

I love how it came out too! Great placement of the squares. Fantastic job girl!

2:29 PM  
Blogger marit said...

This is lovely! Well done!

3:38 PM  

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