Monday, May 14, 2007


This is how I spent my weekend, doily making in the shade. I'll have an FO soon, I hope, but the rows get longer and longer.

The thing I love about crochet (as compared to knitting) is that you only have one live stitch going. This allows you to check the size any time, any where. Also you can check your lace pattern and find errors right away since the stitches aren't bunched up on a needle. I put a safety pin in the live stitch and lay the piece out periodically to look at it -- no life lines needed.

And here's a brief gardening update:

This rosebush was two 6 foot canes last year, leggy as can be. I pruned it down to nothing and fertilized it about a year ago. It looks like a real rose bush now. I can't believe it, I never have luck with roses.

My lame vine trellis. I was seriously considering crocheting something and sticking it up there. . . Maybe next year.

The gardenias are blooming by the front porch and they smell heavenly. We have a little bunny living there, but dh saw a cat chasing him Saturday and the hawks were all around on Sunday. Hope he makes it a awhile.

I didn't make it into the sewing room, what with all the doily-making and outside stuff, but my cats were in there raising cain all night. One of them got stuck in the bag (his head through the handle) with silk flowers and wooden beads, etc. and ran through the house trying to get it off. I've been finding stuff all morning. . .

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