Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where am I? Wednesday

I've been posting on all my Alongs but neglecting y'all over here.

I joined the Granny Along and if you go over there, you can see a hilarious photo of me wearing a granny square vest.

For the Granny Along, I'm making a throw for my bed, using dishcloth cotton. I'm going to alternate patterned squares with solids, since I have a lot more of the light brown yarn than the other two colors.

Monday night I cut the tip of my left index finger while I was slicing some fruit, so the crochet/knitting is a little slow and painful right now. Basically I'm still plugging along but with extra bandaids applied. I'm trying to make one granny square a day and do a little bit on the sweater too.

I took this photo on Monday and now I'm 5 or 6 inches further along, about to start the armhole shaping. That makes me feel better since I'm about caught up with where I was when I realized I was making the wrong size.

Looks like I won't be sewing much for the next couple of weeks. I'm a driver for a Girl Scout trip this weekend and the following weekend we leave for spring break, and then it's Easter. I'll just have to work all the harder on my knitting/crochet projects.

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Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

love the colors that you are using for your throw! Hope your finger feels better, and your trip goes well : )

3:45 PM  

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