Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ottobre Capris

I made up the plus size version of these (No. 15) in size 48. See the girl sitting down. The only alteration was to shorten them three inches.

I haven't put the waistband on them yet, but wow, the fit is so great. I like that instead of just grading up the regular sized pattern, (and therefore assuming your bone structure grows as you get fatter) the plus pattern is completely different, based on a plus sized block.

Here is the fabric I used for the pocket lining. (BTW, the pockets are really shallow.) I'm also using it for the waistband facing.

Back pocket detail. The embroidery design is a built-in from my Brother PE-150.

My topstitching skills are a bit rusty, but it comes back to you. The worst thing was on the fly front, I kept sewing the fly guard to the front. I used the Ottobre instructions instead of my usual Kwik Sew (too lazy to hunt them) so that threw me off a little bit. The reason the waistband isn't done is that I cut the front pieces wrong for the underlap. I need to go and cut a new one.

I traced all of the Tshirt variations, so I'll try to get another one of those made today. Oh, the possibilities.

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Blogger mermaids said...

these capris are coming out really well. i've used that same built in emb design for a pair of's just perfect. i am thinking of making this pattern for my next project....if i ever get to see my machines again.

10:15 AM  

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