Monday, October 23, 2006

The Brown Sweater Again

As much as I hate to, I must add Knit Picks Main Line to my list of *Never Again* yarns. Sigh. It's so inexpensive and I like the colors. However, the care instructions, which I naturally disregarded, are Hand Wash Only. I tried letting the sweater dry flat, but as cotton typically does, it remained stretched out. You have to put it in the dryer to make it shrink back into shape. Well, when you put this yarn in the dryer, you get pills. Ugly, ugly, ugly. I have not tried a sweater shaver yet.

I'm wearing it around the house today, because it's cold, but it looks like something the dog dragged in. I haven't given up on this pattern -- I'm thinking maybe I'll do a remake in Tahki Cotton Classic, because it wears and washes really well and comes in a billion colors.

Well, at least this cheers me up.

A custom fit. Hmmm, I'm not planning to, but what if I get a new machine? Does anyone know if the footprints are similar?


Blogger froggy_dear said...

Oh wow. Your sweater is definately worse for wear than mine, though I haven't put mine through the dryer. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

7:05 AM  

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