Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some Toddler Dresses

This weekend I went through some boxes that had been in my attic at the last house. The boxes were open when we had the house reroofed, which means that a ton of dirt and debris fell into the boxes when the guys were hammering up there. Also, we had a bit of a cockroach infestation at that house. People think Texans wear cowboy boots for riding horses, but really it is so that they can crush the roaches when they scamper into a corner of a room.

(Remember you can click on the photo for a closer look.)

These two dresses were made from the same pattern and I'm guessing it was a big 3 pattern, because I didn't know anything else back then (1998 probably). I had my serger by then, but had only just got it because I remember having trouble with gathering the skirt onto the waist seam on one of them and then trying to even it up with a serger and making a big mess, cutting it off shorter and shorter. You can see that the collar on the navy sailor print dress is off center and a bit too short.

Ah, Dorothy's dress, a sentimental favorite. I watched the movie several times, just to make sure I was getting the details right. I made this as a Halloween costume, but she loved it so much she wore it as a regular dress. We had the little red sparkle shoes from Target to go with it.

A lapped zipper (insanity). Almost matched it up across the back. . . I remember how hard all of this was at the time. I had no sewing reference books, and was only following the pattern sheets, no internet tips, etc.

I think the pattern is still in print, or easy to find on Ebay.

It's fun to look at these and remember sewing them and my dd wearing them. Her preschool portrait was taken in the navy sailor print dress and she was crying because she wanted the stuffed animal the photographer was holding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made that same Dorothy dress for DD (aka, "Punkin") two Halloweens ago. It's a little bigger than yours, since DD is 9 now. But I loved how the pattern turned out. She still wears it for dress up, and all her friends LOVE to try it on. I got the same ruby sparkly shoes from
Target, except that in her size, there were no ankle straps. Fun for Halloween night--not!

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are adorable!!! I have those patterns and now I'll have to break them out ;)

5:06 PM  

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