Monday, January 15, 2007

Boutique Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial, Pt. 2

Fold the diaper out of the way and sew across both ends. Try to sew an imaginary line where the edge of the diaper would be if it were still lying flat.

What you have now looks like a pocket. Flip it right side out, enclosing the end of the diaper.

Use serger tweezers or something pointy to poke out the corners, then press it.

After pressing the front, flip it to the back and press the top edge over. Try to cover the seamline if at all possible. If not, it's going to look a little wonky but no big deal.

Topstitch the back edge down. If you have it all lined up perfectly it will match on both sides, but if not that's okay too. Try to use a matching thread so it's not noticeable. You might now decide that your back will become the front. Look at them and decide which side you like better. Tie off your topstitching and hide the thread tails with a needle. Cut tails.

This is basically the same method you use to attach a cuff to a sleeve when you are making a shirt. I prefer not to sew across the ends until after I've applied the long edge. That way you get it right the first time. It really bugs me when I pre-sewed the ends and they are off by a bit.

The next post will show the finished items. . .


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