Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Ideal Knitting Spot

Here's the answer to the next Lacevember contest.

What are your ideal lace making conditions?

I like my comfy leather couch. I have my Charlotte's web shawl in case I get cold. You can see only the pole in the photo, but I have an Ott lite over my shoulder, and windows behind me.

My remote and knitting project are next to me.

It's a very dark room, with all wood paneling, so it's hard to get a good photo. I love it because it's removed from the rest of the house. I have a cozy fireplace in there too.

Here's a closeup of the goodies on the table.

Needles, tissues, hand creme, knitting pattern a day calender. I typically have a diet coke too. The timer is there because I sometimes put something in the oven and forget about it while I'm knitting.

I have a giant big screen TV on the other side of the room too. I like to watch movies and PBS mostly.

I love my little hideaway, it really is ideal for me.


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