Friday, October 27, 2006


This is what dd made at her sewing class yesterday -- pretty cute, huh?

The lessons are at the teacher's house, she has a nicely finished basement and is using a small room finished out like a wet bar for cutting and then has a big table in the playroom for the girls to work on. The light was dismal, I don't think I could have threaded a needle in there. Y'all know I'm gonna be comparing sewing spaces, don't ya?

I feel a little bad that I'm not teaching her, but she likes being with 3 other girls she knows. Also, I think it's easier for someone else (who's not MOM) to be patient with them. I have let dd and one of these girls work on some small projects at my house before too. Just some simple pieced pillows. I've also shown them how to knit a little bit, but they tend to lose patience pretty quickly and move on to something else.

I feel bad that dd is so overscheduled right now. I try to limit the kids to two extracurricular activities. For her this is Girl Scouts and riding lessons. However, I signed her up for math tutoring at a place called Mathnasium. Then, she made it into Art club (which is a lottery deal and only 15 are picked). Now she's taking sewing classes and basketball starts next month. Ahem, how did 2 turn into 6?

These sorry guys are my last tomatoes of the year.

I cleaned out one of the beds this week, since they have a fungal disease that will overwinter unless you get all the debris out. Let's just say I didn't know I had muscles in my hands that could get sore, not to mention my arms, back, feet and legs. It's hell getting old. . .


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