Monday, November 13, 2006

I Like You

Now that I know my sister has received her copy of The Book, I can give you guys a quick review.

Anyone who grew up like I did, studying the Time/Life Picture cookbook that my mom got as a wedding gift in 1963, will LOVE this book. The photographs are hilarious. Amy must have a quite a collection of vintage goodies and she puts them together with the food photos with great hilarity.

So, my ILs were here for the weekend. I made the Lil' Smoky Cheese Ball. It came out great (although huge, I should have halfed it). I used some gouda that dh brought back from Amsterdam a couple of months ago. It wasn't as smoky as typical American gouda, but still pretty darn good. The recipes focus on Greek cuisine, along with classic American 1950s food.

Her entertaining instructions are so funny (when planning your guest list, you should check whether each person is a pot smoker or not. Be sure to precrack the seals on your booze bottles, so no one has to be the first.)

And to make this on topic, she has a crafts page with pictures of sticks and pats of butter made from felt and whipstitched by hand. Just what I need to make -- some felt butter!


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