Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Knit and Sew Like a Pirate/Sweater No. 3

I tried to post this yesterday, when I was alerted to Knit like a Pirate Day by the Yarn harlot. Blogger was timing out on me, aarrrggghh. She listed a bunch of sites for Piratey Patterns, go have a look, such fun.

The pattern for my sweater is from Little Badger Knitwear. This book is at least ten years old -- I'm surprised you can still find it. Of course, I borrowed it from my mother's extensive library. It has quite a few basic pullovers for boys with different intarsia designs (soccer ball, star, heart, etc.)

The pants are Ottobre, but I'm too lazy to look up the issue and pattern number right now. I'm pretty sure I got the embroidery design as a freebie from Ann the Gran. I used glow-in-the-dark thread.

He wore these pants OUT last year. This morning was the first cool day where we needed to wear long pants and none of the ones I've bought are small enough around the waist. I might be sewing him a few pairs again this year. However, my sewing room is not operational at the moment, so maybe I'll have to relocate to the dining room if I get desperate enough.

More of Mom's Knitting

I present to you sweater #3. She said the pattern came from Interweave.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I tell you that sweater is the softest thing I've felt, ever. I wanted to steal it! Note the buttons. She taught a class for her guild on button making and this was the sample sweater for the class. She has one there with a bead on it (remember if you click on my photos, they will enlarge to see more details). That's why it looks different, she is trying different things to see what looks the best. She said the sleeves are kind of tight on this one, she added a little but not enough (I'm hoping it won't work for her and maybe she'll give it to me, ha!)


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

Arrrhh!! Great Pirate gear. ; )
Your mom's sweater looks great, Both of the buttons look fab!

6:10 PM  

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