Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sewing Room Reno

Well, Blogger sux, because I can't upload any pictures. We'll see if this post gets lost or not.

Anywho, I called the contractor today and work begins on the new sewing room renovation, as soon as he comes over to pick up a check. I was going to post some *before* pictures, I'll do it when Blogger lets me. In the meantime, you can see my old sewing room. Actually, you can see some photos of the new room (the one that's painted robin's egg blue) in its *before* state. Take a look at the fabric. I'm going to make some window seats and use that fabric on the cushions (curtains too). The cats will have their own sunny beds under the windows, woo hoo. . .

This guy who's doing the remodel is building the cabinets from scratch. We looked at premade ones, or at least using premade doors and it's cheaper for him to do it all. He really felt funny when I made him go into some sewing machine shops to check out the mechanism for sinking the machine into the table. He's a really young cute guy and I guess he felt weird going into an *old lady shop.* Whatever. . .

In knitting news, I went to two yarn shops today. The first one is 5 min from my house, a nice cute shop, but no selection. I NEVER buy anything there, but I WANT to. Does that make sense? There was an Stitch N Bitch or a class or something going on and of course then people are in the way and you can't get to things and I HATE THAT.

So, I drove to the other shop, (where I always end up) and got some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to make some wrist warmers from the latest Knitty. I had some Cashmerino leftovers that my mom gave me from a sweater she made, but it's the Baby kind. Maybe I can adapt the pattern after I make it once and use the yarn I have.

I also bought some maroon colored Douceur et Soie (Knit One Crochet Too) to make the Kiri shawl. I want to make a lace shawl to wear with the dress I'm making for dh's holiday party. Of course, now I'm realizing I might not have enough fabric, here's hoping I can find something in a similar color if I can't get the dress made. It's a pretty standard holiday color, so I'm not too worried.

Interesting, it let me upload a piccy of the yarn for you, enjoy. . .


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