Thursday, August 17, 2006

When Will it be Over?

Here's my excuse for not knitting. Man, they like to hog my spot!

I'm still working on some embroidered towels, but last night I burned the crap out of my fingers (trying to cook -- danger, danger!) and had to stop. They're feeling better today after a couple of hours soaking in ice water and sleeping with Sudocrem on under a cotton glove. One glove - just like Michael J.!

I have officially reached the point of being tired of summer. I just want it to be over. I am tired of being outside. I am tired of chiggers and mosquitoes and poison ivy. I am tired of 90% humidity, even if it is only 90 degrees. I don't want to pull weeds anymore. I want all my plants to die so I can stop watering them.

Look at my lovely cherries:

On the tree, they look kind of nice, huh?

Well, they don't stay on the tree. The drop off and make a big stinking mess.

I keep biting them, trying to see if any are worth eating. They are either mealy and sour, or mealy and sweet. The sweetness almost tastes good, but the texture is so nasty, I can't get past it. My fantasy of making pies and jellies is all down the drain. The other thing I know is that if we don't rake them all up, we'll have little baby trees to pull in the Spring, ugh. . .

I still haven't figured out the variety and dh has been hounding me about what to do with them. Are you supposed to pick them from the tree? Put down a cloth and shake the tree? Who knows?? Are they worth picking? Would anyone eat them? Ack. . .

Other than that, I've had a nice quite week with the kids at school. Ds is taking it very well, which is surprising. Also, I have a contractor coming today to take some measurements for my new sewing room cabinets. Can't wait to get to work on that project.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

awwww!! Your kitties are so cute!
Too bad about your cherry tree : (

8:36 PM  
Blogger vickibarkley said...

So, little Neddie likes school, huh? That is GREAT!!!!
Maybe you need to pull a George Washington and chop that cherry tree down.
After all, life is too short for mealy, messy, weed-inducing cherries. What about a nice peach or plum?

8:55 PM  

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