Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Tetons

Boat crossing Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons.

While I was in Wyoming, I went in a bookstore and picked up Close Range: Wyoming Stories. This is the book I was searching high and low for back in May or so. It has Brokeback Mountain in it, which I wanted to re-read after seeing the movie. I have to say they did a nice job with capturing the spirit of the story in the movie. However, I think the story had some comic elements in the language that couldn't be conveyed in the movie without making the character's speech sound a little hokey. . .

I googled the movie and found out it was filmed in Alberta, Canada. It really looks like what we saw in Wyoming though. I watched the movie again yesterday and knitted a bit.

Last night I read an article in the New Yorker which featured an old professor of mine, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. He has a new book out, featured at his website, which makes a case for the *new journalism* coming from bloggers and individuals rather than traditional media outlets. The article pretty much dissed the whole idea, saying we will always need reporters, etc. but I think it's an interesting idea. This coming from someone who never reads political blogs.

Of course seeing his name got me thinking about his class (administrative law) and I don't remember much except we were required to write comments to whatever agency regulates auto safety (NHTSA?? too lazy to look it up) about the automatic shoulder belts in cars. This was 1988-89 and cars had shoulder belts that locked into tracks along the top edge of the door and automatically closed across your chest. I remember taking the position that they were a nuisance because your hair got caught in them and that they painfully pummeled your breasts. I was trying to be a little bit funny in it, but I think I got only a marginal grade on the thing. I don't remember if we really submitted them to the agency or not, but you'll notice that cars don't have those seat belts any more.

I had no idea that this guy had such a presence online. I don't remember him making much of an impression on me at the time, other being a pompous ass, and I think that is THE primary requirement to become a law professor.


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