Monday, August 14, 2006

Socks that Rock

I finished a pair of socks from the Sock that Rock yarn at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Colorway is Lagoon and I used the Medium weight instead of light weight. I had to adjust my pattern down from 66 stitches to 54 (I use a multiple of 6 to do a K4,P2 rib). I could tell when casting on that the yarn was much thicker than I'm used to for socks. I hope it's going to be comfy to wear. I used a size 1 needle for the 1X1 rib, and size 2 for the rest of the sock. I never like to pass judgment on a yarn until I've washed and worn the socks for a season, but it was nice to knit with.

I put the kids on the school bus this morning, hooray! It's raining, so my walking plans are out, but I'm going to try and get out a bit anyway.

Yesterday I went to Hancock's and almost cried at the lack of decent fabrics. I came home with some black lightweight denim (a skirt for me maybe?) and a piece of burgundy tie dyed rib knit -- I'm thinking Fall Tshirt. Hoping the fall Burda Plus lands in my mailbox soon. I wasn't too excited by *yet another* Plus suit pattern in the August Burda WOF. I want to see some casualwear, please. . .


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