Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Here's a towel I made yesterday. I think it will be a present for my mother. Do you think the ladies in the knitting guild would enjoy drying their hands on it when she hosts a Knit-In at her house?

The embroidery designs are from Sublime Stitching. They really have some cute things. However, I ordered several of their cotton towels (this is one in the photo) and I'm not terribly pleased with them. I was ironing on a pattern, following their instructions, which say to use highest setting (cotton/wool) and no steam. Well, highest setting is Linen on my iron, so I used that and completely scorched and ruined the towel. Lesson learned, cotton is next highest and wool is below that. . .

Also, even though I'm following instructions, I always have some bare spots. Take a look at this pic.

See the mixer and the spoon? It's not really that big a deal, I can just fill in with a pencil, but it's annoying. Also, I noticed that my towels, which were stacked on a bookshelf and probably in the sun, were yellowed a bit. That one is my fault I guess, but isn't the sun supposed to whiten?

My other complaint about the towels is that they are a strange size and shape. A big square, too big for a bathroom towel and a strange shape for a kitchen towel. I have trouble folding them right.

The verdict from me on these is that Sublime has the cutest, kitchiest designs, but Aunt Martha better quality in the tranfers.

You can pick up Aunt Martha at JoAnn's. I just googled and came up with several places that sell them. I've used these quite a bit for big Girl Scout projects and I never had any issues with the transfers not coming out well. They have some cute things too.

And while I'm at it, I have to say how much I love A - Z of Embroidery Stitches. The photos are clear and wonderful, everything is broken down step by step. I really want to start doing more embroidered embellishments on handknit items.


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