Friday, August 25, 2006


I'm back to socks again. I guess I'm not really out of my rut. I'm using a different pattern, but of course it's also basically a ribbed sock, which is the kind I always make. I am using a 2X2 rib in a waffle pattern from the Sensational Socks book. The yarn is a 80/20 merino nylon blend from Ellen's Half Pint farms. It's very nice but a little crunchy. I hope the crunchiness will lessen upon washing.

I'm knitting it on size 1s, but I hate these needles because they're too long. I think they are bamboo, I'm not sure what brand, but they're 6 inches long and I prefer 5. I might run out and get a new pair of Brittany Birch 1s and change them out. I just don't like these needles.

Today I'm going to clean out my sewing room, start getting organized in there, catch up on my podcast listening. I read the paper a while ago and discovered some 11:30 am matinee movies and man, is that tempting! I haven't been able to see a first run movie (besides Cars and Aquamarine and that kind of crap) in years. I'll probably be good and stay home, but it's good to know I COULD go if I wanted to.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

Love your socks, great match between pattern and yarn! ; )

1:48 PM  

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