Friday, July 21, 2006

Coming Out of the Closet

Charlotte is still sitting where I left her, on my table, languishing until I make a decision on how to proceed. In the meantime, I pulled out some dishcloth cotton and made a dishcloth. The pattern was published in my Mom's knitting guild newsletter by one of its members. I liked it so much I decided to make some out of cotton chenille and call them facecloths. I like this pattern better than the round petal washcloth from Weekend Knitting, which is what I planned to make with the cotton chenille.

I sent about 15 bags of books, VHS tapes, stuffed animals, toys, and clothes to Goodwill. I took out about 3 big bags of trash. All of this came from the kid's bedrooms, closets and the basement playroom. Now I am planning to paint the playroom and the stairs down to the basement. I picked up paint chips yesterday and will go buy supplies today. I need some help moving the computer and the giant TV and bookshelves down there, so I'll have to wait on dh this weekend.

I should be feeling proud of myself for cleaning out, but it just makes me realize how many other spots need work. My sewing room is a disaster, and the pantry counter has been covered with crap all summer. I am one of those people whose home looks okay on the surface, but if you open a closet door, all the crap falls on you, ugh. . .


Blogger vickibarkley said...

Man, I wish you could have hooked me up with your detritus! We're having a fundraiser for Brenda, my stepgranddaughter, who needs experimental (no insurance coverage) medical treatments because she has a blood disease. TOmorrow our entire block is having a rummage sale. Kids stuff goes quickly around here. Even if it's chewed up.

Check out the website:

If you can't find it, just Google. It's Oprah level stuff.

And, everybody's house has skeletons in the pantry! I challenge you to show me one that doesn't. If you can find one, I say people don't really live there!

12:17 PM  
Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

*L* I know what you mean, my house is like that too! But it mostly all of Mike's stuff. He had a storage space for all his "stuff" (30 years of crap. *ahem*) Which has been moved into my attic and 3 other rooms. I keep wondering why I said those horrible words "Why are you paying for a storage space when you live here?" Really, what was I thinking? *L*
Good luck with Charlotte, they all seem to be temperamental : )

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty, I like them better than the petal ones too :)

1:11 PM  

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