Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I got a chance to look at the July Burda yesterday.

It has a big spread of White Clothes, which I think we see EVERY summer, don't we?

But I never see any real people wearing all white outfits. I see a pair of white capris or a skirt here or there and actually wear both of those things myself, but not ALL white.

And then I saw this sartorialist blog entry showing these supposedly real older women in white. I guess what I like about these outfits is the simplicity (excepting the last one) and the fact that they are wearing FLAT shoes! I want to cry with joy when I see someone looking good in flat shoes, not being able to wear higher than 1" myself. . .

I had sworn myself off of ever trying to make an outfit from white linen but those photos have me wanting to run to an online fabric store and order some. Must control myself, summer is almost over.

The only really tempting item for me to make, however is this jacket:

Actually, I love the entire outfit, it looks put together, yet casual, yet stylish and it's something I could see myself wearing this fall when it cools off. The jacket would look great in a home dec fabric or an asian brocade.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

You have to be very very brave to wear all white.
Love that jacket

9:04 PM  

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