Monday, June 26, 2006

Sewing Camp -- Day 1

Here's a quick skirt I made.

The pattern is from the Spring Burda Plus from 2003, I think. It's a 6-gore skirt with 4 godets. I haven't pressed it yet in the photo, which will improve it just a bit.

My goal for this week is to sew an item a day. I want to make the fleece jacket from knitting camp (pieces are washing now, so I can block them). Next, I have a couple of woven fabrics in the blue/green family that I want to make into sleeveless tops. I don't have a pattern for this, so I'm going to have to find something. I have a sleeveless denim nursing top from 5 years ago that I've been holding onto to use as a pattern or as a comparison garment.

Picked up the sewing machines today and they are running great. Woo Hoo! (Bought a ruffler too, so maybe a new peasanty skirt is in order to test it out.) I have too many skirts, um, so what of it?

Here are a couple of sea life photos:

We NEVER see things like this, it was such a treat!

Turned the heel on my next sock last night. It was rainy day so I just did laundry and watched movies and knit all day.

Cooked pasta with fresh tomato/basil/olive/feta sauce. I bought the tomatoes at a roadside stand at the beach, but the basil is my own -- the first item I've been able to harvest to eat this year. . . My tomatoes are looking good, but it's going to be a long time before they're ready.


Blogger Beth H said...

Ah! Now I understand about "sewing camp". Great skirt, Mary. Your nature photos are amazing.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

Love your skirt : )
Those tide pools must have been amazing!
I had to rip my Charlotte back too,I had just a few glaring mistakes

8:46 PM  

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