Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sewing Camp - Day 2

Here's the top I made today.

This is a blue/green tie-dyed 100% cotton rib knit I bought at Hancock's. The pattern is a Plus pattern from the May 2004 Burda WOF. I finally remembered that my favorite tank top (gives great coverage, but is cool) was made from this pattern. You can see I got the ribbing seam a little off at the CF of the neckline. . . Maybe it won't bother me tomorrow.

Speaking of Hancock's, the swimsuit fabric is on sale 40% off, so I bought a couple of pieces, notably this crazy, insane print:

I'm actually considering another swimdress from this -- do you think my kids would disown me? I would only wear it in my backyard, I promise!

Next, I picked up this KS pattern, for those woven sleeveless tops I want to make.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on the red jacket. I changed all the threads in the machines and found my black fusi-knit, so I'm ready to go on it. I plan on pulling out a Susan Cornwall fleece book tonight to study about adding ribbon to the zipper back -- I've wanted to try that for a while.

I'm quickly figuring out that I won't get 5 garments done this week unless they are panties or something. I really need to stop and clean because I'm so unproductive trying to find things and digging around all the time.

I won today's battle with the reluctant Karate Kid, but it wasn't pretty. Much crying and *If I go there, I will DIE!* sort of stuff. Drama.


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