Monday, July 10, 2006


Here's the back of my van, and I haven't even loaded the suitcases, pillows, groceries, my knitting or books, the kids, etc.

Yes, this is luxury camping, where you drive your car to the site. No hiking or backpacking necessary. We are borrowing a friend's pop-up camper with air conditioning and a refrigerator, although we must use the park's restroom/shower facilities. Roughing it, yeah.

I'm bringing the Charlotte's Web shawl, of course. I just started using the 4th color, which was WAY exciting. Now I'm putting in a lifeline every 8 rows just to save some heartache. I found one small error yesterday, but it's not rip-worthy, so I'm pretending it's not there. I wish I could figure out how I'm messing up so I could be more aware.

I might bring some dishcloth cotton and my new Happy Hooker crochet book and try to teach myself crochet. We are supposed to have some rainy afternoons, so it's either that or play Uno or Candyland with the kids.

Have a good week, y'all. I'm back on Friday.


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