Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Camp

Here's my jacket project -- One sleeve is finished.

I had to go buy a fair isle book from one of the vendors to get the snowflake chart to use. I stranded the back, but I didn't know how to twist in the strands, so I'm going to have to apply some fusible tricot to the back when I block it. (Have you been hearing *fusible tricot* a lot? That was the theme of the class. . .)

Click on the picture to see more detail.

Here are some photos of the cute bungalows around the lake. Look at the scotty dog carved from the shrub in this picture. It was so cute.

This little cabin was adorable. There were so many of these, tucked away in little pockets on the mountainside.

I think that's the South Carolina flag flying on the porch.

I started jacket sleeve number two and hope to get it up to where the chart starts today. Kids have a swim meet tonight, so I won't get a lot done. I really want to get back to the lace project, but must finish the jacket first, while all the planning and math is fresh in my head.


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