Friday, May 19, 2006

Shapely Tank Finished

Here is the Shapely Tank.

It's very fitted and a little longer than I wanted, but considering that I added 4" of length based on my swatch shrinkage, it came out pretty well. And, sometimes cotton does that progressive shrinkage thing, so it might become shorter after another wash or two. I really like the coverage around the armholes and neckline -- it covers the bra with no gap under the arm, which is a common problem for me. Next time I will start the bust shaping a bit lower, ahem, not being all that perky up top. I love the bust shaping, I'm so glad I finally tried it. It's nice to know how to make a fitted sweater.

Here is the hemline, also curved with short row shaping. This kind of curved hem is very flattering. I'm having some problems with the garter border rolling, so I first fluffed it in the dryer (shrink, baby, shrink) and then laid it out flat and spritzed with water to fully dry.

Here is Tiggie, my blocking buddy, checking it out.


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