Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here's the finished lace hat.

I dropped it off at my friend's today. As you can see, the lace pattern went all wonky as I started the decreases, but I figure it gives it personality, contributing to its hand-crafted beauty. Heh.

I have hardly even picked up my knitting this week, but decided to take advantage of the cool comfortable weather to plant some things. Here are some red geraniums, which give the poolhouse porch a little more pizazz.

And here are my tiny tomato transplants. Hope they make it, last year I planted early and they all were dead by the end of May due to a mysterious blight. Today I also discovered we have poison ivy, which dh discovered the hard way over the weekend (he thought the cats had fleas).

It's about 20 degrees cooler than it ought to be, so the kids are trying to swim and freezing their little bottoms off. This also means that I am spending my afternoons by the pool chatting it up rather than sitting with my gal Oprah who keeps me company while I knit. Need to start the neckline edging on Shapely soon.


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