Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Nice selection, huh?

My mom has been collecting knitting books since the 70s. When I visit, she gives me the run of her library and this is what I picked. She has all of the Alice Starmore books -- some are out of print -- the Celtic one had some nice things (including a blue ribbon vest that my mom knitted for me years ago). The Fair Isle book is beautiful, but I'm saving it for next time. Mom has a bunch of books on fisherman's ganseys -- I borrowed one that she got from a friend in the UK.

The thing about her collection is that she has tons of 80s books. Think huge, oversize tent sweaters in bold colors. She even had a Dawn French Knitting Book. Try HERE for a pic. Don't get me wrong, I love her in the Vicar of Dibley and with Jennifer Saunders, but the sweaters in this book were BIG and BOLD (think of a Wham Tshirt).

Mother's Day Goodies

Dh went to Spain last week and brought back a nice selection of goodies.

Check out the bag, made from tape measures!! I love it. He also bought some cotton/acrylic blend sock yarn (see the bag from the Spanish yarn shop), and some soaps, chocolates, olives, and French mustards. Oh, and he flew back Air France first class and gave me his lame pair of Christian Lacroix pajamas, slippers and bag of itty bitty Clarins toiletries.

We bought some local TN strawberries while we were there and wow. . . It's been years since I've had any like this. I'm planning to make sorbet with some of it. I have a new food processor to test out for this project. Probably ought to make freezer jam too. Must google for a recipe.


Blogger Carpeacum said...

Mary! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm going to go through the archives later--lots of fun sewing and knitting to catch up on. I really want to see your Savannah pictures.

Get started on your steek project, and we'll take the plunge together. My Philosopher's Wool sweater is taking SO much longer than I thought, but it's fun, so progress is steady.

I've got you on Bloglines now, so I'll be checking in. . .

11:09 AM  

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