Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Leaving for Camp

The camp has some rocking chairs where you're supposed to knit and socialize in the evenings, so I'm bringing a sock for that. The yarn is Knitpicks Dancing, which I've used before and they are my favorite socks. A definite rave review for this yarn, although the color choices are a little too bright for my tastes.

I'll be bringing the Charlotte's Web Shawl with me, just in case.

Here's a pic of the knitted squares for the vest we're making in class.

Yesterday I panicked and ran (with kids in tow) into the yarn and shop and bought two more skeins, just in case I need more. It looks like enough, but you never know.

My two other last minute panic points are that I don't have a vest pattern. For some reason I thought we were supposed to bring a jacket pattern, which of course I have (Jalie hoodie). I guess I'll run to Hancock's and buy a Kwik Sew vest pattern today. The other thing is that I think I've lost the shank adapter for my Janome Jem Gold sewing machine. I can't tell if it is just snapped onto my buttonhole foot, or if it's gone. I've been looking online for a photo of the accessories to help me figure it out and can't find one. . . In a pinch I can use the walking foot, but, I really need to figure this out.

Finally, a new suit for dd:

I've got a sparkly dolphin iron on somewhere, so I'll add that when I find it.

See you all next week with a camp report.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

I have to say that suit is amazing, I can't imagine every sewing anything as challenging as a bathing suit! Great job! : D

5:04 PM  

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