Wednesday, May 10, 2006



I hope to have a Shapely Tank to show soon. I sewed (3 needle bind off) the shoulder seams yesterday, but need to try it on and see how things look before I go on. I might have some frogging to do, we'll see. If it looks okay, I'll just have to knit the neckline and armhole edgings and then seam up the sides.

I'm trying to decide whether to knit something for a friend with breast cancer. She is a lady in my book club. I don't know her all that well, and I sent an email to the lady who is head of the neighborhood bible study group (whom I've never met) asking her if she knew my friend's preferences. Since I wanted to surprise her, I was trying to get her favorite color, ask if she is a hat wearer, etc.

The lady wrote back an email basically saying, knit what you want, someone made her a prayer shawl which she loves. Then it said *You really ought to get to know her better yourself because she is very special person.* Okay, this really pissed me off. The implication was that I was bugging her because I was too damn lazy to find out on my own.

Then I went and read at the Knitter's Review Forums a bunch of posts where people were arguing over chemo caps. There are some people who think they are ridiculous looking and a waste of time, etc, and that most people who have lost their hair want to fit in and look normal, in a baseball cap or something like that. So anyway, I am casting on for a ribbed hat and I'm going to see what I come up with. Maybe I'll just knit her some socks. I'm going to see her tonight, so I'll make sure to try and check out her feet. . .


I think I'm going to join this Summer Reading Challenge. My book club meets tonight and so far we don't have any plans to meet over the summer, so this would definitely hit the spot. I have at least 7 books piled up that I need to get to and I'll list them before June 1 when the challenge starts.


I planted some flowers today. I still have quite a few empty beds -- it always seems like the annuals are going to go farther when you're at the nursery -- I never buy enough. They were lantana, geraniums, purple coneflower. I still haven't planted my tomatoes, but the bed is ready, just need a little more time.


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