Sunday, May 07, 2006

School Sewing -- Teachers' Gifts

This one is for dd's 4th grade teacher:

A Humbug Bag. I love making these things. The teacher's favorite color is pink, I have no idea if she likes fairies, but I wanted to make something from stash. My kids have this little thing they say:
We're Pixies!
We're Pixies!
Since the 1960s!

I think it came from Fairly Oddparents, but I start singing this in my head when I see that fabric. I. am. crazy. heh. . .

I think I'll fill it with candy, we're supposed to send a treat one day this week for teachers' appreciation.

Okay, the next thing, for which I am very embarrassed. Ds's preschool teacher gave me some fabric and asked me to make a tablecloth and some placemats for the table in the housekeeping center. She asked in September. of 2005. . .

So, seeing that the school year ends in one week, I got right on it. Here they are:

The classroom has a ladybug theme and there is a window curtain made from this fabric in there. I had a couple of yards of fabric left, so I made a couple of Humbug Bags for his two teachers as well.

I'm feeling a little guilty, because I didn't go all out and make THESE like I usually do. I guess I've reached the point where I feel like no one else is worth 6-8 hours of my time, especially when I am halfway through reading The Da Vinci Code and Must Get Back To It. (Okay, I'm very embarrassed to admit I'm liking it. So there.)


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