Thursday, April 20, 2006

No piccies today. I tried to photograph my barf yarn swatch and the camera is doing a weird *no image* thing. I think maybe a new memory card is in order.

So, I swatched the yarn and, as usual, the information I get from the swatch leaves me MORE confused about which needles to use and what size to make. The gauge is supposed to be 5=1" or 20=4". My 20=3.5" which comes out to 5 3/4=1". And if I knit on bigger needles the fabric will be too airy and thin, I think. So, of course I am between sizes in the PATTERN, so I end up figuring I can choose the larger size and that will fix the difference. We'll see if it works. The swatch lost a lot of length, 3/4", after machine washing and drying, so I'll add some extra length as I knit. I cast on and finished the short row shaping on the bottom front. I liked this pattern precisely because it has the curved hemline and short row bust shaping. I can tell it's going to fit great.

I'm not going to post this picture, because I don't want to embarrass my friend in front of strangers, but. . . My friend's dh is a park ranger in TN and was sent to help search for the bear that killed the little girl. She sent me a photo of him and another ranger that was on Fox News. The funny thing is the caption below them reads *Coming up -- SEX CHARGES* right under his picture. Which is only funny if you know the guy.


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