Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thanks, Blogger

Here's the Shapely Tank pic:

I like how it's not able to lie flat across the bust. That means the short row shaping is doing its job. However, I don't like the curling at the bottom and since this is cotton, the only blocking it will get from me is throwing it into a hot dryer.

New Sewing Podcast

I listened to Grandma's Sewing Cabinet today and I really enjoyed it. She described her sewing cabinet, made by her grandfather for her grandmother, and some of the sewing notions inside it. I laughed because I inherited a box of notions (buttons, rick rack, seam binding, etc. in horrible colors) from my grandmother too. I can't use much of it, but I can't throw it out either.

She also covered some items recommended to equip your sewing room. The list came from the BH&G (I think) Sewing Book from the 70s. I love this stuff. The thing is that you can do beautiful work with just these items, you really don't need all the fancy new gadgets and stuff. Ummm, not that I'm giving up my serger for pinking shears any time soon, but you know what I mean.

Again, give her a listen, I really enjoyed it.


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