Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Becky Home Dec-y

Since this blog is supposed to have some sewing in it, I thought I would post about a despised project I completed in February. I really hate home dec sewing. All that fabric to handle. Boring straight lines. Lots of measuring. Blah. . .

However, I like lovely rooms and lovely fabric. I tend to shop for lovely fabric and let it sit around for a long time aging, and then move to another house where said fabric is unusable for various reasons.

For example, when I moved back to GA I gave away a bunch of beautiful rolls of custom ordered circus animal print fabric that I never got made up for dd's room and that she had outgrown by then. I made the cafe curtains but not the bedding. The curtains had faded so much that the bedding wouldn't have matched at all, even if I had made it up.

That said, here are the swatches (from Calico Corners). The silk on the right, under the tassel, is from Fabricdotcom.

I really like the combination of colors, taupe with an icy aqua. I am seeing this combo a lot more now, but when I picked it out two years ago, it was very trendy and *new* looking. Here's the bed:

A duvet cover in brocade on one side/small plaid on the other. Zipper in the seam and cording around the edge. Small plaid gathered bedskirt, very simple, attached it to an old sheet. Here's a closeup of the pillows, so you can see the fabrics better -- I just realized it needs to be rotated, sorry.

I had to go to JoAnn's to buy some more cording for this project and spent $60. I could have bought the damn pillows for less than the trims, it just kills me. . .

I won't bore you with the details, but I included two improvements over the last bedding set I made. On the last set, I measured across the bed and added the overhang, plus 4 inches for the width. What I didn't account for was that when you put the duvet inside the cover, it fluffs out and takes some of the width away from the sides, so it ended up too short on the sides. I lived with it like that for 5 years and every time I made the bed I got a little hot under the collar.

The other improvement was to keep the comforter from sliding down inside the cover. I got this tip from the patternreview boards, to sew some elastic loops into the seam allowances on the top edge or the corners and then sew some buttons to the comforter. It works great and the annoying sliding is over.

I still haven't ordered the silk fabric to make the curtains. I got the swatch from over a year ago and it's supposed to be reorderable, so I should really get on it, I guess. Ugh, I hate making curtains, and I'm afraid I finish any of my home dec projects the fates will decide we have to move again. Happens every time. . .


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