Saturday, April 15, 2006

Betty Page Tshirt

Inspired by the MOVIE, I remembered this piece of fabric in my stash:

Here's the story: (every fabric in a large stash has a story, right?) I used to live in Houston, TX very close to a large independent fabric store that carried lots of designer leftovers. Now this place wasn't cheap, no bargains were to be had, ever, and no prices were cut as the goods aged. Also, this store had a rep for not labeling the fiber contents correctly and was supposedly selling some flood damaged goods, so it was a buyer-beware kind of store. That said, they had some beautiful things, silks and embroideries like you wouldn't believe. But the knits were what kept my attention. The funkiest, wildest prints from Chanel and other designers.

The Betty Page piece came from there and as I recall there was a yellow and a light blue colorway as well as the pink I bought. I think I paid anywhere from $30 to $50 for this one yard piece. But the way I look at it, you would pay that much for a designer Tshirt (or more) right?

All I can tell you about it is that it's a 4 way stretch rib, either a nylon/lycra or a poly/lycra. I was considering using it for a swimsuit, but that would have been tricky because of the large scale of the print. Also I would need more yardage to make it into a Swimdress. So, it became this Tshirt:

I used Jalie 2005. I'm not sure how comfortable this will be to wear, a little too much synthetic for hotter weather, but it will work in transitional weather. The challenge was to fussy-cut it so that I didn't have a large Betty on a boob, and still have enough fabric left for sleeves.

Next, I'm off to bake a bunny cake. My little one refused to go to his school's egg hunt today because he wants his Dad to take him fishing. We'll see about that. . .


Blogger schlyer said...

I love this fabric! It makes a great top.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Tini said...

great fabric & great top :)

How I'd love to have a shop that carries such cool fabrics near me or wait, maybe I should be happy NOT having a shop like that near me :) LOL

2:08 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Great looking T. Love the fabric.

6:42 AM  

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