Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This was our first trip to Rome, or Italy for that matter, and it was a lot to plan. I feel like I'm studying for an exam or something when it comes to trip planning, obsessing over guidebooks, trying to figure it all out. We used a guided tour for the Vatican Museum Collections and it was fabulous. The name of the company is Context Travel. Our guide made sense of this massive museum for us, showing us all the highlights.

This is the Map Hallway leading away from the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

Lacoon, also at the Vatican. I remember studying this sculpture in art history class. We saw a ton of college kids there on tours and taking notes.

And of course, we also went to the Zoo in Rome.

A wandering peacock. The Rome Zoo was decently sized, but not very well kept. It had a lot of empty exhibitions and it looked like they were getting ready to do some upgrades. I loved seeing all the little Italian kids there on field trips.

A view of the river from Castel St. Angelo.

This is a not so great photo of the Bernini fountain in the Piazza Navona, where the Cardinal in Angels and Demons gets put into the water tied down to a weighted handtruck. We tried to find as many Angels and Demons spots as we could. Saw the movie the night before we left.

Inside shot of the Pantheon. Another favorite from Art History class.

Trevi Fountain. The only picture of both of us. A couple from Atlanta(!) took it after we took one of them. Note to self: must rent La Dolce Vita movie to see the fountain scene.

A glove shop. I thought the colors were so beautiful. It's hard for me to fathom a shop selling only gloves.

Spanish Steps. We sat out here for quite a while, people watching and taking it all in.

By the fourth day of this trip, dd was ready to go home. Our telephones didn't work at all, so it was hard not being able to text her friends (poor kid, I know!). She also needed quite a bit of rest and downtime, so I was constantly having to balance that with all the sightseeing and walking. I think it ended up about right, letting her do somethings she enjoyed (zoo, shopping) every day and then limiting the boring museums to some extent.



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Wow, these posts and pix are great. Thanks for putting them up. Deb and I are saving for a trip next summer. Neither of us has ever been.

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