Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miscellany, Easter, Restaurants, My Sorry Skin

I'm hardening off the seedlings this week, which basically means leaving them outside to acclimate to the weather before you plant them. Dh added compost and tilled the plot last weekend, so I hope to get them in the ground soon. Still seems a little cool to me though. Also, I noticed rabbit droppings in the backyard, so here's hoping the neighborhood hawks step it up and catch the buggers before I plant my garden.

The annual easter bunny cake. Seems like I got his from the Parade Magazine back when I was a teenager and my mom let me make it. I have been making it ever since.

The required eggs. Ds helped me dye them. I made them into devilled eggs and a green pea salad on Monday.

The boys on the fishing boat. I am a wimp who suffers from motion sickness, so I skipped this outing.

We ate so well last week on that trip. We ate at Paula Deen's in Savannah, which was wonderful. The kids had the buffet and declared the mashed potatoes the best in the world. I had crab cakes, which were great, although the fried green tomato appetizer had too much breading and not enough tomato to it.

My favorite of all in Savannah was called Cha Bella, which was advertised as Italian in all the food guides, but actually was a local, organic kind of place. I realized that after I made the reservation and was thinking the kids would hate it, but thankfully they had a flatbread pizza that the youngest would eat and the food itself was out of this world, fresh and wonderful. I had flounder on a stew of vegetables, and the pot liquor it was cooked in was divine.

A neighbor had recommended a home-cooking cafe in St. Simons, The 4th of May, and it did not disappoint. The kids loved the 5 cheese grilled cheese and the desserts. I had a vegetable plate with squash casserole, tomato pie, black eyed peas and macaroni and cheese. The kids stole the mac n cheese from me. We ate there three times and I bought the cookbook!

Okay, so I'm writing down the restaurants for my own purposes, so I can remember them next time, but thought if anyone needed recommendations, here they are.

I have a terrible rash from a sunscreen allergy. My face is peeling and my neck, ears and wrists have hives all over. Seems to be a little bit better, but it's going on a week now and getting old. (Note to idiot self: do not buy Neutrogena sunscreen again. ever. You made this same mistake last year!) Also having some strange cramps in my right thumb (too much knitting and cross stitch?) Hoping that will resolve itself. I dreamt I was hand quilting a small quilt last night, wonder what that means?



Blogger vickibarkley said...

I'm off the Neutrogena, too. Turns out that Helioplex stuff is pretty toxic. It's the glamour of big hats and titanium/zinc oxide for me.

It sounds like you had a great time in Savannah. Jack n Jess n I spent a few days there when Jack was about 14. I liked it.

I still haven't crossed over to a pda. No need for one yet. Maybe in a year or two. I've got every other gizmo in the world, and don't want my phone bill to go up that much. Cheapskate me.

2:26 PM  

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