Friday, May 08, 2009

A Teeny Bit of Sewing

I made this nightie from some light blue rib knit, feels like a poly/cotton blend, that I'm sure I bought to make baby clothes for ds (who is now 8). Same for the elastic, I remember sewing diaper covers with it. I haven't tried it on, but it might be a wadder, the neckline looks too big and I didn't pull the elastic tight enough. Tried to steam it with my iron and it shrunk some, but not enough. Even if I can't wear it, I enjoyed making it.

I ordered a bunch of T shirts from Land's End and they were all too long, so I cut them off and hemmed them. Those are the scraps.

I desperately need some nighties, so I'll be working on a couple more in dribs and drabs. I love working on it, but it makes my little dog so unhappy. . . She chewed through the cord on my embroidery machine and sits and cries if I don't pay attention to her, so I have to crate her while I sew. Maybe it'll be better this weekend when the kids are home to play with her.

This is a picture of Tufted Titmouse babies in a knothole of one of our cherry trees. Ds found them while climbing the tree and of course the mother was going crazy. Need to teach him how to use the zoom feature - click on it to make it bigger.


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