Saturday, April 25, 2009

Green Socks

I've been playing around with Tilt Shift Maker which is supposed to take a photo and make it look like a miniature. Here's my front porch.

With Tilt Shift.

Original photo.

Pretty cool. I don't really take a lot of photos with the kind of fullness of field you need to make a good one, most of mine are closeups, so maybe I'll try to take more of these, or at least think about it. (I saw this on another blog, but I don't remember who.)

I started these socks on my spring break trip, for something to do in the car.

As you can see, I ran out of yarn and had to substitute something else for the toes. Luckily I have a large stash of green yarn. I blame my inattention on being in the car and making the cuffs too long, without checking on the yardage. The yarn is Knit Picks Parade, which is discontinued, but each ball only had 137 yards. Seems small to me. I rarely have this problem.

Looks like we are going to Barcelona and Rome for a week in late May as soon as school is out. Dh has a business trip, so dd and I are tagging along and leaving the younger one at his Grandparents'. I am a bit of a reluctant traveler, but I'm feeling like if I could handle (and enjoy) China, then Europe is no big deal. I've only been to the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, so this will be a couple of new countries for me.

Dd has had two years of Spanish and her assignment is to learn the food words to help me decipher restaurant menus. I'll be working on the Italian food words (I think I know a few already. . .)

Dh bought me a Kindle for Mother's Day, so I've been spending way too much time on Amazon shopping for tourist guides. Now that I've ordered it, I'm DYING for it to get here. Of course, I selected the 5 day free shipping, being the cheapskate that I am and now I regret it. Same old story.



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