Friday, May 15, 2009


I made a set of pajamas today. I have a ton of fabrics left from the days I used to sew all the kids' clothes. They make good nightwear for me. The white fabric is a very pretty and subtle pointelle knit in cotton. The rose print is from a coop of a fabric line called Painting Red Rhinos -- does it still exist?

The pattern is very simple and easy. I needed to get a one-seam pants pattern that fits me now. (I know the pattern drawing looks like the pants have an outseam, but they don't.) I had to lower the front waist by two inches, then cut an entire inch off the top, to lower the waistline some more all over. Fits great.

Closeup of neckline. I should have topstitched the trim seam allowances down, but my sewing machine is giving me a zig zag instead of a straight stitch when I push the straight stitch button. GGRRR. . . Hope that little problem resolves itself. . .

Made some easy freezer jam with my strawberries. I used the instructions inside the pectin box, which have always worked well for me before. Ds is eating jam and bread like crazy. Might need to make another batch this weekend.



Blogger mermaids said...

the jammies look great...comfy and pretty

1:37 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Mary, it is great to see you sewing again. I have that KS pattern and didn't realize it was one seam. Thanks,
Carla - from Disney World - closer to you than usual

7:03 AM  

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