Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Promised Food Post

The first set of photos is from Rome.

We ate gelato every day in Rome. I didn't order dessert at the restaurants, but dd typically did. She had tiramisu, cheesecake, and chocolate cake. Sorry, I didn't snap any photos, they were gone too quickly for that.

Sorry this is blurry, but it made me laugh was I was walking by and I was trying not to disturb the diners with my picture taking. We had bad luck with the food in Rome. The restaurants recommended in the guidebook were nonexistent, or unfindable, or something. We ended up eating a lot of bad tourist food. The best meal was the first night we got there, in the hotel restaurant.

This is gnocchi with a tomato, mozzarella and basil sauce, and it was pretty good. They charged me an extra 2 Euros for the dish because the gnocchi was fresh. ???

Veal scallopine that dh had. He didn't comment either way.

Spaghetti carbonara. The pasta dishes are supposed to be a first course, between the appetizer and the main course, but I always ordered mine as a main course. I don't see how anyone can eat 4 or 5 courses. . .

These photos are from Barcelona. They seem to use a lot of olives there, so dd wasn't a fan. I loved it.

Caprese salad. They give you bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to put on it. Yum.

This was an appetizer from a tapas place in Barcelona. It had fish and olives on the bread. Tasty, but a bit strong.

Bread with tomato juice and olive oil with a dish of olives on the side. A very popular appetizer.

The Iberian ham is a big deal here. I had some at the hotel restaurant, along with some fruit (pineapple and kiwi), just fabulous. This at the Boqueria market again.

Bad photo, but the best meal I had in Spain. Chicken with apples at a restaurant with the menu in Catalan. Dd is taking Spanish and I wanted her to help me with the menus, but neither of us could figure this one out. The nice waiter translated. She ate a wonderful cheesecake here for dessert. Oh, and we had Tortilla Espana, which is potatoes and onions cooked like an omelet in scrambled eggs. Very delicious.

This is a pizza dd had at a really touristy stand in Barcelona. She liked it just fine.

I had this paella at the same place, and it was just plain bad. Okay, I was starving and I ate most of it anyway, but this was definitely my worst meal in Barcelona. Wish I had time to seek out a better place to have this dish.

So, that's the overview. I really didn't take the time to research the restaurant situation, we played it by ear, so we ended up with a few not so great meals. Maybe another time when I'm not focused on the sightseeing I can focus more on food.



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