Thursday, June 04, 2009

Miscellany on Barcelona and Rome

First the souvenirs.

Limoncello and olive oil. I gave the olive oil to my house sitter, but it had spicy red pepper in it. Haven't tried the limoncello, but I might take it to the beach next week.

Bought myself this handmade leather bag in Italy. It was around $100 US, smells fantastic. The shop had them in every color you can imagine. It's lined with a pretty silk print.

This is a *guns and roses* display in a perfume shop. Weird, huh?

The Coliseum. This was very interesting. We wanted to spend some more time looking at the ancient things, but our guidebook failed us again on what route to take, so we got hot and frustrated and got a taxi out of the area.

This is one of the direction signs at St. Peter's square that is a clue in Angels and Demons. I couldn't remember which exact one was THE one, but this is what they look like.

That's it for the photos. Now, notes on the Kindle: I loaded several guidebooks onto my new Kindle (Ebook reader) for this trip. That was a mistake. You cannot read any of the maps on the Kindle, which makes the books almost useless. I had Rick Steves' Rome, Frommer's Rome and Barcelona, and a couple of cheapie no names that were worthless. I actually used and had physical copies of Fodor's Rome and Barcelona because they weren't available on the Kindle and I carried them with me. I like to be able to point to a location on the maps for my cab drivers and this would not work at all with the Kindle. Of course, we had quite a few failures with the Fodor's Guides, particularly in Rome. Next time I'll carry all the heavy guidebooks and just take my novels on the Kindle.

This is all from me for this week. We are leaving for our annual beach trip with dh's family on Saturday, so I'll be back after the 13th. . .



Blogger laura said...

My time in Italy was actually one day and it was spent in our hotel room while Hans was out with distributors! I did walk to a mall and bought a pair of leather gloves for about $20.00 U.S.! That's business travel for you! I love your leather bag and wish I'd had more time there (maybe it's a good thing I didn't).

6:34 AM  

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