Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stephen Colbert Socks

Can you believe the name of this pattern? The book says *we think he is not only a great American, he is the greatest American.* The caption reads *The First Amendment as Expressed by Socks.* The pattern itself is a design-it-your own, hence the name.

You can read more details at my Ravelry entry. I'm trying to decide whether to keep them for myself or give them as a gift. I might keep them because I've never used this yarn before (Knit Picks Essential) and I would like to see how it washes and wears.

It's really cold here, and I think most of my fall garden may have perished, but I haven't gone out to lift the sheets and check. I'm waiting for it to get above freezing. On the bright side, I've been wearing my new hat and the shetland triangle. Yay for cold weather and knit wear.



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