Monday, October 06, 2008


I decided to participate this year, and I'm making a Mystery Sock this year.

Here's the first week's progress for the cuff. The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot, which I've had for so long I don't remember where I bought it and I've lost the label. It's very subtle, which I like, but so dark I'm having a hard time seeing the stitches. Each week a new part of the pattern is provided, hence the mystery.

I'm still slogging along on the cardigan, which isn't fitting so well. I think I should have just made a simple pullover.

Dh brought me these goodies from Budapest, so that gives me something to play with in the kitchen this week. I made some chicken tacos in the crockpot this weekend, but they also had salsa and chipotle peppers in them, so I'm not sure how much fire the paprika added.

Dd rode in a horse show this weekend. I fed this pretty pony some clover from the yard. What a sweetie.

This new barn we're riding with has lots of friendly calico barn cats.

The kids are out of school for a teacher's workday on Friday, so we're going to spend the weekend at Stone Mountain looking for letterboxes and going to the Pumpkin Festival. I guess it's called an intown vacation. We're staying at a hotel in the park, so we'll be able to watch the lightshow. And maybe it won't be so hot this time. When we went in July, everybody just wanted to go home and cool off.


Blogger Purl said...

Cute animals!

9:52 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

My kids love letterboxing. Hope they're not too easy and not too hard - both frustrate my kids.

2:16 PM  

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