Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stone Mountain

Here's week two's progress on the sock. One of the socks is turning out solid navy, the other has some spiraling of green and yellow. I keep waiting to get some more color on the plain sock. The pattern is simple and nice looking, although when I began I didn't realize there was an option for a version with cables and I cast on the wrong number of stitches.

We had a great weekend at Stone Mountain.

It is quite a hike. On Friday, we took the tram up and down, but Saturday we hiked up against a hard wind. The kids really loved it and it is an amazing geological feature.

Saturday evening we watched the laser light show. Quite a crowd, but our hotel was near enough to walk over.

There's an antebellum plantation you can tour, and the dahlia society had a lovely garden there. We picked up a few letterboxes and geocaches. My goal was to reach 100 letterbox finds, but one of the ones we found is unlisted and I can't count it, so I'm stuck at 99 until I can get out again this weekend. (The only reason it matters is that the website I use for finding clues has restrictions on some of them so that you can't see the clues unless you have a certain number of finds.)

The kids are at an age where they bicker and slap at each other constantly, but other than that it was a nice (in-town) vacation. I guess the new word is *staycation*, although it pains me to use it.

I need to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I bought a pattern and fabric that dd picked out for a pirate wench costume. Now she wants to change her mind -- at least I haven't sewn it up yet. Ds will be Indiana Jones. He has a hat, whip and pants, but needs a shirt, belt, bag, and possibly a leather jacket. I might try Goodwill for the jacket, or else he can go without. The kids get out of school early today, so we might shop a little bit.



Blogger marit said...

I think "staycations" should be used a lot more!It looks as if you had a great time:-) We went local for last year's vacation, and there is so much to see and experience close to home that we normally don't take our time to visit! Hmmm, did that make any sense at all?
My grandmother used to have dahlias in her garden, I think they must be my favourite flowers! Maybe next year I'll get some...?

2:46 PM  

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