Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Horse Heaven

So dd rode in a horse show this weekend. She did really well, getting 3 second place and one 3rd place ribbon. She's in 7th grade and is competing against a few her age but mostly high school kids, so I think she's doing really well. Luck of the draw on which horse you get seems to be a big determining factor. She had a cantankerous horse on Sunday and he gave her quite a time.

In other news, I just found a very promising plus sized fashion blog called Large. I added it to my bloglines subscriptions, looks pretty interesting. I'm not sewing a lot of my clothes these days, but maybe this site will inspire me a bit.

I finished knitting the Shetland Triangle.

Here it is all unblocked and bumpy. I used Knitpicks Gloss yarn in Pumpkin. It's a silk/merino blend. More info at Ravelry.

Here it is blocking, with my blocking assistant helping out.

*Look at me! Look at me!*

What is it about cats and blocking?

The young adult author, Laurie Halse Anderson, is coming to dd's middle school today, so I'm going to listen and get my copy of Speak signed. I don't have her new book yet, but I've read Speak and it was fantastic. I don't think my 7th grader is quite ready for it yet, but now I want to check out some of her newer books.


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